Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria. Melbourne and the surrounding area in Victoria are known for a diverse array of attractions, including beaches, snow-capped mountains, historic sites, restaurants, wildlife, wineries and more.  Watch the welcome video from the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp:

Getting around in Melbourne
Airport Transit:

Public transit in Melbourne:
Public transit options in the city centre include bus, tram, train and bike. There is a FREE tram that operates in the most central part of Melbourne, including near the ISTH 2019 venue: the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre. See a route map for the free tram here. Learn about more transit options here.

What to see in Melbourne?
Melbourne is a diverse city will a plethora of experiences to fill your free time. From the Royal Botanic Gardens to renowned museums to day trips to the ocean and the mountains,  Melbourne offers many opportunities for one-of-a-kind experiences. We recommend visiting TripAdvisor for more information.

Weather reminder
For those visiting Melbourne from the northern hemisphere, please remember that it is winter in Melbourne. Check the weather before you leave and pack accordingly.

Learn more about the area
If you’d like more information about Melbourne and surrounding areas of Victoria, see here:

What about the venue?
The ISTH 2019 Congress will take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, an impressive meeting space on the Yarra River.

General information for ISTH 2019
Do you need further information about various general meeting guidelines, local customs and travel tips? Be sure to read the ISTH 2019 general information page.

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