PB1229New functional test for the TFPIα cofactor activity of Protein S working in synergy with FV-Short
Presenting Author: Prof. Björn Dahlbäck, Sweden

PB1274Plasma fibrin clot proteomics in healthy subjects: relation to clot permeability and lysis time
Presenting Author: Dr. Michael Ząbczyk Poland

PB1351Further Studies on Hereditary Angioedema due to a Plasminogen Mutation
Presenting Author: Dr. Georg Dewald, Germany

PB1356Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of nanobodies that affect plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1) activity highlights their versatility in modulating various stages in the PAI-1/plasminogen activator (PA) interaction
Presenting Author: Mrs. Machteld Sillen, Belgium

PB1359A new treatment for thrombosis prevention?
Presenting Author:
Dr. Björn Dahlöf, Sweden

PB1390Properdin, a positive regulator of the alternative pathway of complement, inhibits factor XI autoactivation by dextran sulphate
Presenting Author: Ms. Samantha Heal, United Kingdom

PB1448PRactical Utilisation of Octapharma FVIII Concentrates in Previously Untreated and Minimally Treated Haemophilia A Patients Entering Routine Clinical Treatment with Nuwiq®, Octanate® or Wilate® – The Protect-NOW Study
Presenting Author: Prof. Johannes Oldenburg, Germany

PB1502Regulation of vascular inflammation and liver defense system by a lipid substrate of N-terminal phosphatase of soluble epoxide hydrolase
Presenting Author: Dr. Eriko Suzuki, Japan

PB1514Platelets and coagulation mediate bacterial adhesion to damaged and inflamed heart valves in Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis
Presenting Author: Dr. Peter Verhamme, Belgium

PB1516Pro-inflammatory Macrophage Polarization enhances Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Degradation
Presenting Author: Mr. Patrick Haider, Austria

PB1517Investigating the role of neutrophils and NETs in Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis
Presenting Author: Ms. Severien Meyers, Belgium

PB1521MiR-146a participates in thrombo-inflammation regulating neutrophil extracellular trap formation
Presenting Author: Dr. Ana Belen Arroyo Rodriguez, Spain

PB1523Developing a novel stem cell and gene therapy system based on resveratrol-induced HSP70 promoter-regulated VEGFA expression
Presenting Author: Prof. Kowit-Yu Chong, Taiwan, Republic of China

PB1525A latent procoagulant state transcriptionally primes hematopoietic stem cells: Hematopoiesis in mice with altered protein C signaling and anticoagulant activity
Presenting Author: Dr. Hartmut Weiler, United States

PB1530Aerobic glycolysis and the consequent flux through pentose phosphate pathway fuel platelet activation: small-molecule modulators of platelet metabolism as anti-thrombotic agents
Presenting Author: Dr. Paresh Kulkarni, India

PB1538All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) impairs platelet function and thrombus formation and inhibits protein kinase C βI and δ phosphorylation
Presenting Author: Dr. Jianlin Qiao, China

PB1539The mammalian target of rapamycin controls platelet integrin activation, aggregation, and ischemic stroke
Presenting Author: Dr. Robert Campbell, United States

PB1542The role of the formin proteins mDia1 and Fhod1 on megakaryocyte and platelet function
Presenting Author: Dr. Steve Thomas, United Kingdom

PB1547Simultaneous secretion of spatially-separated dense granules in single platelets upon their activation with ADP and thrombin
Presenting Author: Ms. Taisiya O. Shepelyuk, Russian Federation

PB1552The integrin αIIbβ3 signalling pathway is hyperactivated in platelets from obese patients: a phosphoproteomic study
Presenting Author: Mrs. Maria N. Barrachina, Spain

PB1558Elevated soluble GPVI levels in patients with symptomatic aortic stenosis and left ventricular remodelling
Presenting Author: Dr. Cecile Oury, Belgium

PB1563Platelets express a truncated form of TrkB involved in BDNF signaling
Presenting Author: Ms. Imane Boukhatem, Canada

PB1566Phosphate-induced ORAI1 expression and store operated Ca2+ entry in megakaryocytes
Presenting Author: Mrs. Lisann Pelzl, Germany

PB1568Simultaneous quantification of oxygen radicals and platelet aggregation highlights the importance of NADPH oxidases in the regulation of thrombus formation in health and disease
Presenting Author: Dr. Giordano Pula, United Kingdom

Presenting Author: Dr. Dirk Voelkel, Austria

PB1593Dose-dependent effects of recombinant ADAMTS13 (TAK-755/SHP655) on recovery in a humanized mouse model of sickle cell disease
Presenting Author: Mr. Werner Hoellriegl, Austria

PB1621External validation of the SOX-PTS score (clinical prediction model for the post-thrombotic syndrome) in a prospective multicenter study of patients with proximal deep vein thrombosis
Presenting Author: Dr. Anat Rabinovich, Israel

PB1682ISTH guidelines and apixaban plasma levels in obese patients
Presenting Author: Ms. Marilyn Rees, United Kingdom

PB1714Is the Resolution of Inflammation Altered in Preeclampsia?
Presenting Author: Prof. Luci Dusse, Brazil

PB1722Platelet indices and cardiovascular events: prospective findings from the CAMELIA study
Presenting Author: Dr. Gian Marco Podda, Italy

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