PB0001Off-label dose reduction of direct oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation and venous thromboembolism: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Presenting Author: Ms. Linda Joosten, the Netherlands

PB0002Effect of switching from well-controlled vitamin K antagonists to a direct oral anticoagulant for atrial fibrillation on quality of life: little to GAInN
Presenting Author: Mr. Jasper H.A. van Miert, the Netherlands

PB0021Docetaxel administration enhances ultrasound- guided 5- Aminolevulinic Acid- loaded microbubbles administration – mediated photodynamic therapy of intermediate stage atherosclerosis
Presenting Author: Dr. Hossein Mehrad, Iran, Islamic Republic of

PB0036High prevalence of inherited thrombophilia and antiphospholipid syndrome in myocardial infarction with non-obstructive coronary arteries: comparison with cryptogenic stroke
Presenting Author: Ms. Ewa Wypasek, Poland

PB0037Inhibition of coagulation factor XI decreases cardiac inflammation and impairs survival in a mouse model of myocardial infarction
Presenting Author: Dr. Michael Molitor, Germany

Presenting Author: Dr. Elena Campello, Italy

PB0059A flexible serine loop in the tissue factor ectodomain is a potential allosteric linker between the phospholipid membrane and the tissue factor exosite
Presenting Author: Ms. Fabienne Birkle, United States

PB0071Mechanisms for the clearance and recycling of recombinant VWF D’D3 albumin fusion protein
Presenting Author: Dr. Kim Lieu, Australia

PB0079The transcriptional coactivators, YAP and TAZ regulate expression of the von Willebrand factor gene
Presenting Author: Ms. Elham Ghorbanpour, Canada

PB0080Unshielding the A2 domain of von Willebrand Factor (VWF):The novel function of the core A2 domain in fibrin clot formation
Presenting Author: Mrs. Christian Valladolid, United States

PB0090A single-cell survey reveals a subpopulation of mesenchymal stem cell enriched with coagulation function
Presenting Author: Mr. Yuchen Gao, China

PB0163Heterogeneous effect of direct oral anticoagulants on lupus anticoagulant assays
Presenting Author: Prof. Tomas L. Lindahl, Sweden

PB0165High variability in rivaroxaban and apixaban pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) assessed with thrombin generation in patients over 80 years
Presenting Author: Mr. Geoffrey Foulon, France

PB0255Pharmacokinetic analysis in Hemophilia patients using WAPPS-Hemo: the experience of a single center
Presenting Author: Ms. Alessandra Nunes Loureiro Prezotti, Brazil

PB0304Prevalence of Preexisting Immunity to Adeno-associated Virus (AAV) in Adults with Hemophilia: Interim Results from an International Epidemiology Study
Presenting Author: Dr. Kavitha. S Rajavel, United States

PB0305Immunogenicity assessment of FVIII variants for 2nd generation gene therapy
Presenting Author: Dr. Bagirath Gangadharan, Austria

PB0307FVIII expression by its native promoter sustains long-term correction avoiding immune response in hemophilic mice
Presenting Author: Prof. Antonia Follenzi, Italy

PB0325Exposure-response modeling of emicizumab for the prophylaxis of bleeding in hemophilia A patients with and without inhibitors against factor VIII
Presenting Author: Mr. Fredrik Jonsson, United States

PB0339Aspirin inhibits intravascular coagulation during sepsis in mice
Presenting Author: Dr. Agostina Carestia, Canada

PB0344G-CSF induces MyD88-independent intravascular NETosis in mice
Presenting Author: Ms. Chandini Rangaswamy, Germany

PB0346Design and characterization of α1-antitrypsin mutants for the treatment of bradykinin-driven inflammatory reactions
Presenting Author: Dr. Steven de Maat, the Netherlands

PB0426Redundant and non-redundant roles of RhoA and Cdc42 in platelet biogenesis and function
Presenting Author: Dr. Irina Pleines, Germany

PB0430Amplified antithrombotic effects of a novel GPVI inhibitor ACT017 when used in combination with aspirin and ticagrelor
Presenting Author: Mr. Fawaz Alenazy, United Kingdom

PB0432Hypersensitive platelet subpopulations determine collective behaviour: Results from a study of single platelet function using droplet microfluidics
Presenting Author: Dr. Maaike S A Jongen, United Kingdom

PB0435The active recruitment of red blood cells during hemostasis and thrombus formation
Presenting Author: Mr. Kim Juergen Krott, Germany

PB0445A method for determining the density and architecture of in vitro thrombi formed under flow
Presenting Author: Dr. Joanne Mitchell, United Kingdom

PB0446Agonist-induced platelet function in hemato-oncologic patients is correlated with bleeding, an interim analysis of a multi-center study
Presenting Author: Mr. Birol Batman, the Netherlands

PB0448Platelet ageing causes changes in key metabolic and structural proteins
Presenting Author: Ms. Harriet E. Allan, United Kingdom

PB0450Soluble platelet glycoprotein V strongly inhibits arterial thrombosis and thrombo-inflammatory brain infarction
Presenting Author: Dr. Sarah Beck, Germany

PB0452Analysis of PAR4 levels on the platelet surface reveals surprising inter-individual heterogeneity, including greater levels in individuals expressing the Thr120 PAR4 sequence variant
Presenting Author: Ms. Volga Tarlac, Australia

PB0459Maintenance of platelet homeostasis by bile acid
Presenting Author: Dr. Zhipeng Cheng, China

PB0460Bridging integrator 2 is a key regulator of store-operated calcium entry in platelets
Presenting Author: Ms. Julia Volz, Germany

PB0461The cell-cycle control pathway Gwl/MASTL-ENSA/ARPP19-PP2A is present and active in human platelets
Presenting Author: Mrs. Elena Kumm, Germany

PB0466Mechanical Properties of Platelets Transitioning from a Prothrombotic to a Proinflammatory Phenotype
Presenting Author: Dr. David Bark, United States

PB0471Platelet Glycoprotein VI enhances lung metastasis by coordinating transendothelial migration of tumor cells
Presenting Author: Dr. Elmina Mammadova-Bach, Germany

PB0476Standardization and reliability of lupus anticoagulant tests: Comparison of real world and Core laboratory results from the Antiphospholipid Syndrome Alliance for Clinical Trials and International Networking (APS ACTION) analysis
Presenting Author: Dr. Maria Efthymiou, United Kingdom

PB0503Platelet hemi-ITAM signaling mediated cancer-associated venous thrombosis inhibited by a mononclonal antibody to podoplanin, SZ-168
Presenting Author: Dr. Yiming Zhao, China

PB0528Extended-Duration Thromboprophylaxis with Rivaroxaban Reduces the Risk of Major and Fatal Vascular Events in Hospitalized Medically Ill Patients
Presenting Author: Mr. Alex C. Spyropoulos, United States

PB0537Safety, tolerability, and pharmacodynamic properties of AB002 (E-WE thrombin), a recombinant protein C activator thrombin analog, in healthy adult volunteers
Presenting Author: Dr. Norah Verbout, United States

PB0556The risk of venous thrombosis associated with elevated coagulation factor levels in the elderly
Presenting Author: Ms. Huijie Wang, the Netherlands

PB0562Gender-related differences in venous thromboembolism patients: GARFIELD-VTE
Presenting Author: Prof. Paolo Prandoni, Italy

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