Extended half-life (EHL) factor VIII and FIX concentrates are safe and have been successful in providing adequate prophylaxis for patients living with hemophilia. Patients using EHL factor products require fewer injections, and on average have a significantly lower annual bleed rates than those on standard half-life (SHL) products. Clinical research, in conjunction with real world experience, is important in helping clinicians ascertain how best treatment products can benefit their patients. Dr. Liane Khoo, Ms. Kristen Piper and their colleagues sought to evaluate real world experience of EHLs (Adynovate and Alprolix) in their patients with hemophilia A and B. Currently, in Australia access to SHL Factor VIII and Factor IX products is funded and since March 2018, as part of the National Blood Authority limited interim agreement, EHL FVIII products (Eloctate and Adynovate) and the FIX product (Alprolix) became available in Australia.

Although these findings are preliminary, a study by the Haemophilia treatment team at The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney suggests that, in conjunction with objective improvements such as bleed rates and pharmacokinetic profiles, patients who transition from SHLs to EHLs also have an improved Quality of Life. “Patients report improvement in physical activities and ability to participate in sports and leisure. Aspects of self-care were also improved, as was the participant’s positive perception of their future”. In all patients, qualitative findings were matched with a reduction in bleeds rates and in some patients, a reduction in factor usage.

“Extended half-life factors have made a clear improvement in patients’ lives and should be made available to patients with Haemophilia”.

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