Join the ISTH for a special session on our Reach the World and Training Fellowship programs on Sunday, July 7, from 12:15–13:15 in room 106.

This session will focus on opportunities for early career professionals to take advantage of continued training through the ISTH Fellowship programs. The ISTH Reach-the-World programs, Reach-the-World and Training Fellowships, the Regional Training Center initiative and participation in the ISTH Early Career Committee will be discussed.

There will also be a presentation from colleagues at the World Federation of Hemophilia on the WFH International Hemophilia Training Center (IHTC) fellowship program. Participants will learn about how individuals and institutions can receive support from the Society and the benefits of training. Bring your questions about participation in these programs and leave with answers! The formal presentations will be followed by a networking session and dessert reception.

Speakers: Marc Blondon (Switzerland), Cary Clark (United States), Assad Haffar (Canada), Jamela Sathar (Malyasia), Yee Yee Yap (Malaysia)

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