We need your input! ISTH 2019 Congress attendees are invited to participate in a brief survey on venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment policies to help inform the World Thrombosis Day campaign. Click here to take the survey.

Hospitalization is a leading risk factor for VTE, yet many healthcare facilities do not have standardized protocols in place for VTE risk assessment and prevention. The ISTH World Thrombosis Day campaign is conducting a survey to identify which countries and regions already have VTE risk assessment protocols in place and to explore what makes them successful. The survey will also identify regions of need, which will help inform the future work and areas of focus for the World Thrombosis Day campaign’s efforts.

The brief survey requires only five minutes to complete. All survey participants will be eligible to win a FREE World Thrombosis Day prize pack in recognition of their time and feedback. A winner will be announced once the survey has closed.

Contact wtd@isth.org with questions or for more information about the survey. To learn more about World Thrombosis Day, visit www.worldthrombosisday.org.

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