Molecular Drivers of Platelet Production

In today’s session, Dr. Joseph Italiano described advancements in the understanding of platelet function made by his laboratory and explains how this knowledge has been used to leverage the production of platelets in-vitro.

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FXa Inhibitors Target FXa-PAR2 Signaling

A balanced coagulation pathway represents an equilibrium between the procoagulant pathway that is responsible for clot formation in response to vessel injury and mechanisms that inhibit clot extension beyond the injury site. Moreover, coagulation also limits infections and is therefore connected with immunity.

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Safe Anticoagulants: Targeting the Contact Pathway

The contact system contains a series of proteases and cofactors that assemble on cardiovascular cells, platelets, and other inflammatory cells. This system has not been appreciated historically because deficiencies of contact system proteins were not known to be associated with bleeding disorders.

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